Subsite Supports AEM Campaign

Subsite Electronics Supports AEM Utility Awareness Campaign

Subsite Supports AEM CampaignSubsite Electronics is helping put a focus on safety in underground utility jobsites with its support for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ (AEM) Utility Awareness Campaign. The AEM campaign aims to promote safety best practices and debunk common myths associated with underground utility installations.

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Subsite Electronics stresses the importance of Underground Awareness™ in all underground construction jobs. This can include the location of a buried pipe and cable, the depth and orientation of a drill head, or the operating parameters of drilling equipment.

“Underground Awareness is vital to helping workers safely, productively and profitably do their jobs,” said Matt Lumbers, locating product manager for Subsite Electronics. “On our end, that means delivering a comprehensive portfolio of technologies that give construction professionals a total understanding of underground jobsite environments. It also means always being ready with services and support for our customers in their moments of need and supporting organizations that also promote that message.”

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AEM offers safety manuals, videos and related training materials for fostering safety best practices. Companies that would like more information on the Underground Utility Awareness campaign can contact William “Bernie” Bernhard at, call 414-298-4106 or visit

For more information on Subsite Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company, and Underground Awareness, visit the Subsite website.
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