Scandinavian No-Dig Centre Marketing Pipebursters in North, South America

Scandanavian No-Di Centre T-400

The T-400 hydrostatic piperburster by the Scandinavian No-Dig Centre in Denmark is now available for purchase or rental in North and South America.

The Scandinavian No-Dig Centre is actively marketing its Mini-T, Maxi-T and T-400 hydrostatic pipebursters throughout North and South America.

Recently introduced to the market, the 37-metric tonne Mini-T is specially designed for sewer and water pipeline applications via the manhole and can replace 100- to 250-mm (4- to 10-in.) pipes. The Maxi-T, at 60 metric tonnes, can replace up to 630-mm (24-in.) pipes.

The Mini-T and Maxi-T pipebursters come with a galvanised transport frame that contains the pipeburster, toolbox, accessories, support plates and the hydraulic extractor frame.

The T-400 has pulling power of 400 metric tonnes (880 lbs) and is capable of replacing all existing pipes, with range from 200 mm (8 in.) up to 1,500 mm (59 in.). The T-400 uses the Easy-Handling Steel Rod System, known for its high-grade-deflection and lightweight steel rods.

With its Safety-Grip steel rod clamp system, this unit is state-of-the-art in the rehabilitation industry. The T-400 can operate in a single length up to 500 m (1,640 ft), making it the largest pipeburster in the world.

The T-400 is available for purchase or short- and long-term rental periods. When renting the T-400, the Scandinavian No-Dig Centre can train a company’s operators or provide its own trained operators for the duration of the rental.

The Scandinavian No-Dig Centre in Denmark manufactures all of the equipment. For more information, contact Henry Corradini, sales representative for North and South America, at or visit
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