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RS Lining Systems Makes Moves to Better Serve the Industry

RS TechnikRS Lining Systems, the provider of RS Technik pipe renewal and repair solutions in the Americas, has taken immediate steps to better serve the trenchless industry through improved service, better products and expanded partnerships.

RS Technik develops products and finds the best distribution methods available to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for CIPP repair. For example, RS Technik has identified areas for potential failure in sectional pipe repair, including errors that occur during the mixing and measuring stage, and as a result now offers the RS MaxPatch Sectional Pipe Repair System Kit that delivers all materials pre-measured and ready for successful point repair.

Comprised of a fiberglass mat, a pouch with pre-measured resin/hardener, two packer protection sleeves, a spreading spatula, work surface, electrician’s tape, disposable gloves and nylon zip ties, all of the materials needed for successful point repair are delivered in one complete kit, eliminating guesswork while minimizing time and cost. Based on the size and requirements of an individual job, all materials are pre-cut, measured and weighed to make sure every repair is done right.

“Keeping a pulse on infrastructure failures, assessment, repair materials, processes and development has allowed our R&D group to identify needs spanning the full spectrum of pipeline infrastructure asset management,” said Joanne Carroll, senior vice president of RS Lining Systems. “Together with partners like Hammerhead, which now offers the RS MaxPatch System, we have the capability and resources to develop or refine solutions, regardless of requirements that may include software, equipment, chemicals, construction materials, or process development. To successfully deliver these solutions, however, we know we cannot do it alone. We will continue to look for like-minded industry partners dedicated to repairing and maintaining pipeline infrastructure in an efficient manner that benefits us all, including the environment. With our best-in-class products, equipment and system processes–combined with our high level of customer training and support–we enable our customers to achieve profitability, while delivering more cost-effective solutions to the end user. “

Jeff Urbanski RS Lining


Expanded Staff

To better serve its growing customer base and help identify and meet market demands, RS Technik has expanded its staff to focus on enhanced customer service and product research and development.

Formerly director of business development and OEM sales with Source 1 Environmental LLC, Jeff Urbanski joins RS Technik as its national sales and marketing manager.

“The best part of my job,” says Urbanski, “and the one thing I most look forward to in my role with RS Technik, is working closely with customers to identify their unique needs and then developing solutions that have not yet been conceived.”

Mike Moore RS Lining


Urbanski brings extensive R&D experience to RS Technik, including the development of two patents. With more than a decade of underground infrastructure experience under his belt, earlier in his career Urbanski managed all waterworks customers in North America while employed as underground market manager for Fernco Inc., a manufacturer of couplings.

Also joining the RS Technik team from Source 1 Environmental is Mike Moore. Moore’s responsibilities as business development manager includes sales, technical support and training. With 10 years of experience in the CIPP industry, Moore has extensive knowledge and has overseen thousands of installation procedures for CIPP point repair processes.

“This team of professionals will greatly enhance RS Technik’s goal to better serve the industry,” Carroll says. “Jeff’s innovation and deep understanding of customer needs, coupled with Mike’s on-the-ground training and experience in real life installation situations will help us continue to provide the best products and service out there.”

To learn more about RS Technik’s comprehensive suite of pipe rehabilitation solutions, visit the RS Technik website or call 919-481-1977.
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