Revolutionizing Electro Fusion & Its Information Interface

Completely manufactured in-house by Electro-Services Ltd., the new robust, reliable and cost effective unit is set to truly revolutionize Health & Safety, Joint Integrity, Information availability and Machine Security, in a way that has never before been seen in the Electro- Fusion industry.


The new MultiFuse+ is fitted, as standard, with an integral GSM/GPRS modem, which utilizes a SIM card to facilitate data transfer directly to an FTP server.

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Using this, the very latest in GPRS modem technology, allows users to ‘dial in’ via the internet through a secure network to download information. Advanced bespoke reporting software, developed in-house, means that, at the touch of a button via the internet or simply by using the text messaging option, various report criteria are immediately available. The MultiFuse+ is currently believed to be the only unit on the market featuring this facility and eliminates any need to actually visit a site just to download information.

Data Storage and information interrogation could also not be easier. By means of a simple coded text to the designated controller, all data can be interrogated allowing any joint failure, operation error, joining parameters and equipment performance to be monitored, thus keeping supervisors and managers continually up-to date with joining integrity, as well as monitoring project progress and facilitating quality traceability.

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The MultiFuse+ utilizes the robust high specification construction standard that has become synonymous with the company’s E3000 Electro-Fusion range.

One of the new unit’s major improvements is the addition of an IP67 rated metal fascia, which is both damage resistant and completely water tight. Yet, while making the system ultra robust, it still offers a simple user-friendly, large button keypad.

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Two MultiFuse+ models are available including: a lightweight transformer-free version weighing just 11.5 kg and a version with a torroid transformer weighing just 23.5 kg. Both models are therefore genuine ‘One Man Lift’ units, coming in well under the recognized 25-kg limit.

For added security and safety on Electro-Fusion works, the MultiFuse+ is designed to ensure that welds are never done whilst the unit is out of calibration. The unit’s unique ‘Advanced Warning Calibration Alert’ and optional ‘Out Of Calibration Lock Down Facility’ manage re-calibration for the operator by generating text and/or email alerts to notify the user when a unit is nearing its calibration date. The GPRS facility also provides a text and/or email giving the exact location of the unit and notification when it needs calibrating. The frequency of these alerts is user-determined.

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Also built in to the control interface is a ‘Lock Down’ facility which, when the unit goes out of calibration, prevents use of the unit, which must then be returned to Electro-Services Ltd for service. If this function is not enabled all joint reports clearly state ‘UNIT OUT OF CALIBRATION INVALID JOINT’ on each report.
Another advance on the MultiFuse+ system is the ‘Input’ facility on the unit’s display. In the past, Electro-Fusion Boxes have sometimes been blamed for being ‘faulty’ when in fact the problem is with the power source. The new MultiFuse+ now gives an exact, accurate read out of the input voltage at all times, highlighting any power input problems.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that a unit is lost or stolen it can be disabled with one quick text message, rendering the unit totally useless without Electro-Services Ltd. intervention.

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Alternatively, a unit can be located to see where it is working, simply by using the ‘Locate’ function. The GPRS facility reports back the unit’s exact location to within a few feet. A built-in battery back up makes all such functions fail safe.


To truly manage Electro-Fusion welds and ensure that all joints are 100 percent satisfactory it is possible to exploit the MultiFuse+ interrogation facility. Simply switching this facility ‘on’ or ‘off’ via text message or online makes it possible for the operator to receive instant notification of any bad/failed joints and includes alerts showing why and where problems have occurred, enabling an immediate response. The advanced GPRS microprocessor technology used in the MultiFuse+ also enables remote fault diagnose on site, minimising downtime as engineers can respond instantly should a fault arise.

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Additional technological advances have also been incorporated in the new MultiFuse+ to make the unit much more flexible allowing it to work anywhere in the world on any coupling.

With only some 30 percent of the unit’s microprocessor capacity being utilized on the current models, Electro-Services Ltd is also confident that the MultiFuse+ is almost future proof. If any new types of coupling are introduced, Electro-Services Ltd can easily create a support program to add to the unit.

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Electro-Services Ltd. is a family-run business that was established in 1987. Since then, the company has risen rapidly to be a leading supplier to the utilities market with repair, servicing, sales and hire of specialized equipment across the United Kingdom, employing more than 50 staff nationwide. The company now has a name that has become synonymous with quality and reliability, with a commitment to ‘never ending improvement’ and ensuring that its personnel are familiar with, and skilled in, the latest techniques and procedures that are increasingly being required by customers.

As well as Electro-Fusion systems, Electro-Services Ltd. also offers Hire, Sales, Servicing & Training On: Kubota Diggers, Terex Dumpers, TracStar Fusion Systems, Grund-O-Winches, Butt-Fusion, Cat/Gennys, Cobra’s, Pipe Coil Trailers, Bursting Rigs, Moles, Gasco Seekers, Gas Monitors and more.

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