RapidView IBAK North America welcomed 300-plus customers and dealers to its headquarters in Rochester, Indiana for its biennial, two-day customer appreciation and training event known as SeptemberFest.

RapidView customers and dealers from all over the United States came to sharpen their skills and learn more about IBAK pipeline inspection equipment by taking part in technical workshops and product demonstrations and presentations.

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RapidView SeptemberFest 2021

Throughout the building RapidView technicians put on in-depth, hands-on repair and maintenance classes, while the RapidView sales team demonstrated all the equipment out in front of the newly renovated facility.

One of the most popular classes was the new MicroGator Air presentation, where guests were allowed to test their pipe cutting skills firsthand. Whether it was mainline or lateral inspection equipment, manhole or pipeline scanners, rehabilitation cutters, or software, there was something for everyone to participate in.

SeptemberFest wasn’t just about demonstrations, presentations, and technical workshops, though. RapidView prides themselves in ensuring all their guests have fun and feel right at home by providing complimentary meals, drinks, games and prize giveaways.

Sharon Bueno RapidView SeptemberFest 2021

Trenchless Technology managing editor Sharon M. Bueno and Matt Sutton, of RapidView IBAK North America at RapidView’s 2021 SeptemberFest

SOURCE – RapidView

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