Pipe Guard USAPipe Guard USA manufacturers and distributes the only patented “Sewer Content Notification Disk” approved by IAPMO (IGC 341).

As a father and son plumbing company, we faced many challenges, one of them was that our clients would use us for big repairs and use handymen for minor service calls. This led to our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) sewer liners being snaked, torn up and back-flow valves being broken. In the case of a sewer back up, a sewer camera is useless and plumbers always stick their snake in first and ask questions second.

With Pipe Guard you take the worry and liability off of you and your company. Think of our disks as the cheapest insurance policy you can buy. Simply complete your job, install pipe guards disk and leave that job site knowing you did everything you can to protect your work and your company.

We developed these discs for people just like us, honest, hard working licensed professionals. The disks are 100 percent Made in America with approved materials in a facility approved by IAPMO.

Please make sure you visit us at Booth #823 at NASTT’s 2019 No-Dig Show March 18-21 or visit pipeguardusa.com.

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