Aries LETS 6.0

Product Spotlight: Aries Industries LETS 6.0

The LETS 6.0 from Aries Industries is the ultimate system to simultaneously acquire high quality mainline and lateral assessment video.

A slim tractor profile and superior lateral camera launch ensure maximum productivity. LETS 6.0 is versatile and powerful, setting up quickly to navigate a range of pipe contours in mainlines 6 in. or larger. The powerful, self-propelled tractor can traverse harsh pipe conditions against the flow pulling 600 ft of cable at top speed. A contoured, telescoping chute enables the lateral camera to be easily deployed with or against the flow at a 135-degree launch angle.

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Aries Industries LETS 6.0 LETS 6.0 comes equipped with a camera to observe mainline conditions and monitor the lateral camera launch. A choice of two lateral push cameras is available: a self-leveling camera with high sensitivity or a pan and tilt camera that provides clear video to easily align and launch the camera. A self-cleaning lens wiper reduces maintenance and increases time in the pipe.

LETS 6.0 is operated by an all-in-one Xbox remote control and works with all Aries CCTV Vehicles. Contact Aries Industries at 1-800-234-7205 or

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SOURCE – Aries Industries

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