Premier-Pipe Green Unveiled

Premier-Pipe CIPP method

Jim Mortell, president of Premier-Pipe USA, debuted the Premier-Pipe Green relining product at the Insight Pipe Contracting 25th anniversary open house. Mortell is so confident in the product’s green properties that he drank the cure water from an unflushed pipe at the event.

How confident are you with your cured in place pipe (CIPP) relining method? Jim Mortell, the U.S. licensor of the Premier-Pipe CIPP method, is so confident in his newest product, that he’s willing to drink the cure water from a newly relined and unflushed pipe.

Mortell did just that when he officially launched Premier-Pipe Green Sept. 19 at the Insight Pipe Contracting open house held in celebration of that company’s 25th anniversary. More than 250 people attended the open house.
The product uses a styrene- and monomer-free resin in conjunction with the Premier-Pipe Tech Liner, a felt liner infused with patent-protected glass fibers. The liner is designed for sewer, storm and force main relining projects.

“You are not bringing any styrene to a complete jobsite. With us you have a complete styrene free project,” Mortell says. “I think it will be a very popular product.”

Premier-Pipe Green is available for 8- to 120-in. projects and can be cured with water or steam. Also of note is that, because the Premier-Pipe Green takes advantage of already available resin and liners, installers do not need new equipment or processes for projects.

“We didn’t want to bring a brand new product on the market that has different equipment and procedures,” Mortell says. “We wanted to match what the installers have and we think that is a beauty of this product.”

Premier-Pipe Green is available through Premier-Pipe USA’s installers AM-Liner East Inc., Insight Pipe Contracting and Michels Pipe Services.

Mortell is so confident in his product that he offered this parting comment, “I would like to challenge anyone else to drink a glass of their curing water from a line that has been unflushed.”

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