Pipeline Security Conference to be Held in May

The Pipeline Security Conference, organized and managed by North American Pipelines magazine (a sister publication to Trenchless Technology magazine) is set for May 10-11 at the Hilton Arlington in Arlington, Va. This conference for oil and gas pipeline professionals — for May 10-11 at the Hilton Arlington in Arlington, Va. — covers all aspects of securing our pipeline assets from potential outside threats: from risk assessment and asset management to crisis management and implementing technology.

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In this ever changing world, it’s increasingly more important that oil and gas pipelines are protected from damage, whether from natural causes or manmade, to ensure public safety and continued supply of precious energy resources.

Featured speaker for this important and informative event is Tom Ridge, president and CEO of Ridge Global and former Secretary of Homeland Security and Governor of Pennsylvania.

This Pipeline Security Conference is essential for stakeholder members of the oil and gas pipeline industry, including service providers, pipeline owners and operators and oil and gas exploration and production companies.  

Topics to be covered include:

  • Government Regulations – What are your requirements as an owner? What is new? What is on the horizon? What are the potential effects of non-compliance?
  • The Cost of Secure Pipelines – Secure pipelines don’t come cheap. Understanding what goes into building a secure pipeline is a crucial component of long-term planning.
  • Pipeline Security Roundtable – Leading experts in the pipeline security arena share their insights.
  • Secure Pipelines – Why pipeline security is important in today’s world. Case histories from around the world. What are the best practices and state-of-the-art technologies available?
  • Threat Assessment – How can you tell if your pipelines are at risk? How do you work with law enforcement agencies to best protect your pipelines and the public? Understanding how the government/police communicate various potential threats to pipeline owners.
  • Risk Assessment – Identifying and mapping your assets. Protecting critical pipelines. What are your weakest links?
  • Technology and Integration – What are the latest technologies? Sonar and sensing technologies for remote monitoring. Cyber security.
  • Personnel and Leadership – Training issues for pipeline staff. Attracting and retaining qualified personnel.
  • Security and Safety – Remote surveillance, physical security, fencing and outsourcing security.
  • Crisis Management – What do you do if an attack happens? What plans do you need to make in advance? What are the critical first steps in the aftermath of an attack? Who do you need to notify? How do pipeline owners report potential threats or suspicious activities?
  • Damage Prevention – Protecting your existing assets. Knowing where they are and who is working near your facilities.
  • Asset Management – Tracking key data. Sharing information across departments. The importance of accurate mapping. Integrating mapping and GIS information. Understanding the condition of your pipelines.
  • Pipeline Materials – How does your choice of pipe affect security? What advances have there been in materials and what effect does this have on security?
  • Designing a Secure Pipeline – Selecting safe routes. Incorporating the latest technology. Selecting qualified and trusted partners.
  • Pipeline Repair – How do you minimize damage and get your pipeline up and running quickly following a shutdown?

North American Pipelines magazine (sister publication to Trenchless Technology magazine) is the premier publication covering the business of oil and gas transmission pipeline construction and maintenance in North America, from the Rockies to the Northeast Corridor, from the Gulf Coast to the oil sands of Alberta, and all places in between. NAP covers the latest news on market developments that are shaping the industry, the most efficient methods of pipeline construction and maintenance, and managerial strategies that enhance your company’s bottom line.
For more information about the Pipeline Security Conference, contact North American Pipelines associate editor Brad Kramer at (330) 467-7588 or e-mail bkramer@benjaminmedia.com.

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