On March 30, Doug Carlson, NUCA CEO, sent an email and letter to the NUCA membership announcing that NUCA members’ work is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the full text of the email below.

The critical issue of defining “essential critical infrastructure” has been looming over many members since state authorities began limiting activities to halt the spread of COVID-19. NUCA’s quick actions were critical in persuading the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop federal advisory instructions for jurisdictions defining our industry as part of this critical workforce. Today, the department issued guidance to state and local authorities, and our industry was recognized by the department for what we know it is: Essential.

We know our industry is essential to a community’s water and sewer infrastructure. Our industry employees are also an essential part of the trained workforce keeping electricity and telecommunications working during this national emergency. I’ve attached a letter explaining the DHS infrastructure definitions now being used by authorities, available for your own business communications use.

Click Here to Read the Letter 

Infrastructure is a critical part of our economy, and NUCA’s members will be at the front lines in our coming recovery efforts. NUCA is here to help you during this crucial time. Thank you for being part of our efforts to keep our members’ businesses strong.

Please reach out to our team here at NUCA with any ideas, questions, or comments. For up-to-date information and resources, NUCA members can visit the pandemic flu resources webpage.


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