The Middle Eastern economies are in urgent need for a sustainable development of their underground infrastructure. The new to be built as well as the fast-growing large cities in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE etc. do not have their own entrepreneurial basis yet to handle the upcoming tasks – planning competences, services, machinery and construction supervision have to be imported from abroad.

From Jan. 18-19, 2010, the new “Underground Infrastructure Middle East” will cover for the first time all aspects of underground infrastructures, ranging from tunnelling, sewer systems and gas and water distribution to district heating/cooling, power supply and telecommunication. On demand of the responsible ministries in Bahrain the focus of this first event will be on sewer systems.

The event is officially supported by ITA, International Tunnelling Association and German Society for Trenchless Technology. Interested companies are invited to deliver a speech or book a small booth at the accompanying exhibition. Visit for details.

The Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer in Environmental Protection, EITEP, was founded by professional associations to offer assistance in international markets, focusing especially on small and medium-sized producers, service providers and operators in the energy, water and environmental sectors. EITEP works for and also collaborates with the respective professional associations in Germany.

Through this network in Germany and international partner associations in Central and Eastern Europe, the Far East, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, EITEP assists German companies in the energy, water and environmental sectors with entering and developing international markets.

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