WinCan Manholes Module Delivers Measurement Capabilities, MACP Compliance and Online Results Sharing

The new Manholes Module for WinCan sewer assessment and asset management software makes it easy for municipalities to integrate manhole inspection into their sewer management workflow.


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The module imports imagery and geometric data from automated manhole inspection equipment and gives the user powerful tools to:

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Analyze: The Manholes Module combines imagery and geometric data to create a virtual manhole where users can descend, pan, tilt and zoom to scrutinize defects.

Annotate: Users can attach observations to points and regions of the manhole scan and use measurement tools to quantify observed defects.

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Report: The Manholes Module supports defect-coding standards like MACP and WRc and makes it easy to generate custom reports that include tables, images and schematics.

Share: The new module is fully compatible with WinCan Web, so users can upload their inspection results and grant others access to view reports and navigate virtual manholes instantly on any device with a web browser.

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“By some estimates, manholes account for up to 40% of inflow and infiltration, and their structural integrity impacts the safety of roadways,” says Mike Russin, business manager for WinCan in North and South America. “It’s only natural that municipalities are focusing on them more. Just recently, we’ve seen a lot of new systems appear for acquiring manhole data. WinCan’s Manholes Module takes the data these systems generate and makes it easy to review, code, report and share.”

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With support for automated manhole inspection and the corresponding reporting standards, WinCan reaffirms its leadership in the sewer inspection and asset management sector. The Manholes Module works with most leading manhole inspection systems. WinCan leads the market with other innovative technologies for sewer inspection, including side-scanning, 3D rendering, GIS, laser profiling and cloud-based solutions.