License for Large Diameter HDPE Awarded in Brazil

The KWH Pipe Ltd. Group of Vaasa, Finland, has named Armco Staco the exclusive license for the manufacture and marketing of Weholite Pipe in Brazil.

The Weholite product line, invented by KWH Pipe in the 1980s, consists of high density polyethylene pipe, fittings and fabricated assemblies.

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Among the unique features of the structured wall HDPE Weholite Pipe is its availability in inside diameters through 3,500 mm. Armco Staco plans initial offering through 3,000-mm ID. The pipe is used extensively worldwide in low pressure/gravity service applications with potable water, storm water, sewage and other various liquids. Weholite fabricated assemblies are designed for special functions such as manholes, detention tanks and even individual family-size sewage treatment units for remote regions.

The Weholite pipe’s smooth surfaces enhance flow rates compared with steel, cast iron or concrete. With its extra large diameters, Weholite pipe also provides an enclosed channel to conduct liquids over some distance. The lightweight polyethylene pipe is continuously extruded and thus furnished in any shippable length, which facilitates quick installation. Its corrosion resistant properties ensure long service life. Cost-effectiveness is an important feature of the Weholite product line. Weholite pipe is joined mostly by extrusion welding and the joints meet the standards for leak-proof joints.

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KWH Weholite Licensees have manufacturing operations in nine other locations in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America in addition to KWH Pipe direct owned factories in Finland, Nordic Countries, Europe, North America and Asia. KWH Pipe (2011 turnover: US$ 299 million) has been producing plastic pipe since 1955 and also manufactures solid wall HDPE pressure pipe through 1,600 mm outside diameter.

Armco Staco S.A. Industria Metallurgica, in existence for almost 100 years, with operations in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Jacarei and Resende, is the largest manufacturer of corrugated steel drainage pipe and highway safety steel guard rails in Latin America. 2011 turnover was US$ 150 million.

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Weholite production operations for Armco Staco will be carried out at newly constructed facilities now underway at Resende, Brazil. Weholite product is expected to be available from Armco Staco during the second half of 2013.