Join Us to Celebrate the First Ever World Trenchless Day

World Trenchless DaySave the Date! 22.09.16

At Benjamin Media — publisher of Trenchless Technology magazine — we LOVE trenchless technology as much you do, maybe more. We live and breathe it and are always looking for fun, creative and, most importantly, informative ways to promote our industry. But we also aspire to broaden our reach to an even wider audience, one that doesn’t know what the heck trenchless technology is — yet.

We have a fantastic idea to do just that and it involves all of you. We want to partner with the entire trenchless industry — manufacturers, contractors, engineering firms, associations, public works and magazines — to share the world of trenchless technology, reaching out those who have not yet realized the impact that trenchless methods have on their communities.

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Therefore, on Sept. 22, 2016, we will be observing the first ever World Trenchless Day — a day that we as an industry will globally unite in an effort to spread the benefits of using trenchless technology as the way to address our aging and crumbling underground infrastructure. We want all of you to join our day of trenchless celebration.

World Trenchless Day will be a global celebration (commemorated on the fourth Thursday of September each year) that will shine a spotlight on all of trenchless’ benefits — safety, economics, environmental, social. We invite the industry to use social media and the #WorldTrenchlessDay hashtag, to promote the day on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Help raise the awareness around the globe that trenchless technology is the premier conduit in revitalizing and upgrading our underground infrastructure that in most places is well over 100 years old.

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“As an industry, we know the benefits of using trenchless techniques and technologies to upgrade our underground infrastructure, but there are those who are not as entrenched in the trenchless industry. We want to reach them. World Trenchless Day is a way for the entire industry to showcase to the world what we do best — fixing our underground infrastructure using environmentally friendly, minimally invasive methods,” says Benjamin Media president Rob Krzys.

The impact that the use of trenchless methods has on communities, the economy and quality of life is immense and will only continue to grow as municipalities and utilities realize and understand their benefits vs. traditional methods.

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We have always known that trenchless technology will play a huge role in addressing the world’s water and sewer needs. We want World Trenchless Day to be a day of sharing your trenchless project photos and videos and experiences, highlighting how using trenchless technology is the right thing to do in improving these systems.

Join us on World Trenchless Day. We can’t wait!

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Sharon M. Bueno is managing editor of Trenchless Technology.

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