Insituform Technologies Joint Venture Awarded $67.3M Project in Morocco

Insituform Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ global select market:INSU) has announced that its joint venture, UPS-Aptec Ltd., has been awarded a $67.3 million (USD) project for the installation of approximately 135 miles of HDPE liner in pipelines located in the Khouribga basin in Morocco.

UPS-Aptec Limited is 51 percent owned by United Pipeline Systems International Inc., a subsidiary of Insituform, and 49 percent owned by Allied Pipeline Technologies SA, a Chilean company (APTec).
UPS-Aptec Ltd. will install the HDPE liner in new pipelines for the Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP) Slurry Pipeline project. OCP is the world’s largest exporter of phosphates and derivatives. UPS-Aptec Ltd. is a subcontractor to Tekfen Construction and Installation Co. Inc., a Turkish company and the general contractor for the project. The OCP slurry pipeline will be lined with HDPE pipe to provide corrosion protection and abrasion resistance to the newly installed pipelines, which will carry several grades of phosphates to Jorf Lasfar Terminal located between Khouribga and Jorf Lasfar.

Insituform president and CEO J. Joseph Burgess said, “We are proud to have secured this project, which is the largest single project in United Pipeline Systems’ history. Securing this project required the coordinated efforts of United Pipeline Systems, Insituform and APTec. The partnership brings together United Pipeline Systems’ long history and vast experience working on large Tite Liner projects in new countries while APTec brings the experience of Tehmco SA, a Chilean company and affiliate of APTec (Tehmco), in producing HDPE pipe. Tehmco has teamed with a local HDPE producer and will be adding a new extrusion line to produce the HDPE pipe for the project. This project together with Insituform’s Energy and Mining group’s overall efforts in the Middle East and North Africa are expected to generate over $120 million in revenues in 2012.”

Insituform senior vice president of energy and mining Dorwin Hawn said, “This historic contract award recognizes United Pipeline Systems’ ability to manage and execute complex and challenging projects in difficult work environments. This project award also highlights the growing acceptance and endorsement of Insituform’s Energy and Mining group’s product and service offering throughout the Middle East and North Africa, further validating the decision to focus our business development efforts in these important geographic regions.”

This project is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2011 and be completed by the end of 2012.

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