water install with The Shooter

How to Water Install with the Shooter

water install with The Shooter

When confronted with high infiltration risking a successful air inversion, try a water install. Use air to invert the liner down the manhole and just into the host pipe, then use water with hydrant pressure or an air-over-water install to invert the liner through the pipe and out the B manhole. Drag a layflat hose attached to the liner tail as with any scaffolding or combo truck water install. Use Muletape secured to the liner tail with a flat webbing knot small enough to fit through the Shooter LIPs. Attach the layflat with Muletape as well. The Shooter Water Cure Flange is required for recirculating water from the boiler through the layflat inside the liner. This technique works well when the MH is directly under powerlines where a scaffolding or combo truck cannot be used. Contact Emagineered Solutions for more details.


Ray Irvin is the VP of The Shooter Development with Emagineered Solutions, Inc.

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