How to Perform Single Person Manhole Inspections

Although municipalities may have thousands of manholes, competing priorities push manhole inspections to the bottom of their to-do lists but leveraging manhole inspection equipment and software can make it easier.

With the proper equipment, your team can move beyond the Level One inspection of peering down the manhole with a flashlight and clipboard and instead utilize state-of-the-art technologies that quickly map the manhole and store necessary inspection data for future reference.

During a Level Two Inspection, workers frequently use manhole inspection software to inspect and record the interior of a manhole and digitally capture data. While the upfront investment is greater than the cost of a clipboard and flashlight, these more advanced methods can make inspections faster and allow for more inspections in a single day.

Learn more about Level Two inspections in our CUES Webinar: The Benefits of MACP Level II Manhole Inspections:

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