Herrenknecht Group Announces Purchase of Schäfer & Urbach

German-based tunneling firm Herrenknecht has bought Schäfer & Urbach, a manufacturer of system and high-pressure technology, effective February 2011, according to a press release.

By integrating this renowned manufacturer of system and high-pressure technology, Herrenknecht extends its own component portfolio. High-pressure piston pumps manufactured by Schäfer & Urbach, are used in the Herrenknecht HDD method (horizontal directional drilling) and in innovative deep drilling rigs by Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH (Schwanau). In deep drilling rigs by Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH, which are used in the exploration of oil and gas deposits on- and offshore, as well as in tapping geothermal energy, Schäfer & Urbach mud pumps represent key core components, especially in achieving bore hole safety. Acquisition of Schäfer & Urbach GmbH will now enable Herrenknecht to rely on its own and independent competence in this key component area.

Executive management of the newly-integrated Schäfer & Urbach GmbH will be shared by the Schäfer & Urbach CEO of many years, Peter Pawlitzki and Herrenknecht AG’s Philippe Fraunhofer. Within the framework of integration in the Group, Schäfer & Urbach’s business is to be internationalized via the international Herrenknecht sales network. Existing customer relations will continue to be supported by long-term members of the company with customers largely representing the areas of oil exploration, the petrochemical and steel industries.

Established 85 years ago, core business at Schäfer & Urbach involves the development and manufacture of high-pressure piston pumps and pump systems. In this special segment, products marketed by Schäfer & Urbach enjoy international renown in their respective industries. The product range also comprises descaling systems, high-pressure technology for cleaning large storage tanks in the oil industry as well as highly-specialized welding technology. Schäfer & Urbach employs around 60 people at its location in Ratingen.
Based in Schwanau, Herrenknecht AG is the market and technology leader in the area of mechanized tunnelling. Herrenknecht is the only company worldwide to deliver high-tech tunnel boring machines for all ground conditions and all diameters for traffic tunnels as well as supply and disposal tunnels. A team of innovative specialists works under the umbrella of the Herrenknecht Group. Via its group of companies, Herrenknecht can offer and supply customers with integrated mechanized tunnelling solutions, including project-specific equipment and service packages. The company also manufactures high-tech deep drilling rigs for drilling to depths of 6,000 m in the exploration of oil and gas deposits, as well as geothermal energy.
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