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HD Supply Waterworks Supplies Products for New Water System in Pa. Amish Community

HD Supply Waterworks HDPEAmong the horses and buggies in the small Amish town of Intercourse, Pa., a new water system is being installed for the tiny community using HD Supply Waterworks supplied HDPE.

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While not an unusual occurrence, what is unique about this project supplied by HD Supply Waterworks, is the use of all HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe, and valves and hydrants with factory-integrated HDPE connections.

Intercourse PA HD Supply Waterworks

HDPE pipe, valves and hydrants with integral HDPE butt-fused end connections from HD Supply Waterworks.

The Intercourse Waterline project in Lancaster County is a system replacement, due to contamination of the town’s current water source. The new system will include 380 services, and involve 52,000 ft of HDPE pipe in diameters ranging from ¾- to 12-in. More than 200 valves and 69 fire hydrants, 380 ¾ in. and 1 in. services and more than 500 HDPE fittings and saddles are also included in the job’s specs.

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The use of HDPE, due to its non-corrosive value, is not so unusual for this kind of a job, according to Chad Smith, HD Supply Waterworks Sales Representative. However, also incorporating HDPE valves and hydrants with integral HDPE butt-fused end connections is relatively new, and moves away from the more traditional use of mechanical joints involving bolts, nuts, restraints, and gaskets.

“The internal and external corrosion resistance of HDPE combined with a zero leak fusion joint are desirable features for systems like this,” according to Paul Dreher, HD Supply Waterworks Fusible Piping Product Manager. “We have service centers across the country with professional HDPE specialists available to assist in these infrastructure jobs – from the very largest to the very smallest – involving HDPE products.”

The job is already underway with an expected finish late this spring. Visit hdswaterworks.com for more about our entire line of water infrastructure products and services.



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