In a few months, the Hächler Group will be markingits 60th anniversary in business. Since opening its doors in 1946, theSwiss-based corporation has evolved into more than a building contractor.

The Hächler Group’s environmental company — Hächler AG Umwelttechnik — hasbecome a leading manufacturer of lateral rehabilitation systems in Switzerlandand in Europe as well. Early on in its entry into the trenchless marketplace,Hächler officials determined the way to succeed as a company was to focus itsattention on a singular aspect of sewer rehabilitation and become the leadingmanufacturer and expert in that field. They chose to concentrate in laterals andlateral rehabilitation.

Coming into the trenchless market in 1992, the company is an innovator forlateral inflow repair systems and offers a slew of products in this market. Itsgoal is to create “the most perfect” product on the market and company officialsrefuse to settle for anything less. As the Hächler products have evolved overthe years, so has the company’s reputation. They believe they have the bestproducts on the market.

Hächler AG Umwelttechnik’s rehabilitation system for lateral inflows — the EL300/600 — was recognized earlier this year by the German Institute forEngineering (DIBT) and received the highest European admission to DIBT. Justrecently, the company was honored with the Cash Employer’s award for 2005,naming the Hächler Group as one of the 10 best employers in Switzerland. Cash isthe leading financial newspaper in Switzerland.

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