EnviroBore Directional Drilling

EnviroBore Directional Drilling Acquires Full Bore Contracting (BC)

EnviroBore Directional Drilling Ltd. expanded its footprint into Northeast British Columbia with its acquisition of Full Bore Contracting (BC), a business specializing in horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

The acquisition enables EnviroBore to meet the growing demand for HDD in Northeast British Columbia and provide customers with an even greater range of options and services.

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With this acquisition, EnviroBore now has access to Full Bore Contracting’s state-of-the-art HDD equipment, which includes a range of drilling rigs, support vehicles, and specialized equipment for HDD operations. This will enable EnviroBore to expand its range of HDD services and offer customers a broader range of solutions to meet their needs.

“We are excited to add Full Bore Contracting to our portfolio of companies and look forward to the opportunities this acquisition will bring,” said Doug Astles, president of EnviroBore. “Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services, and this acquisition will allow us to continue to do so while expanding our offerings in the HDD market.”

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The acquisition comes at a time when the demand for HDD services in NEBC is on the rise, with the region experiencing significant growth in the oil and gas sector. As a result, EnviroBore is well-positioned to meet the needs of customers in the region and provide them with the expertise and equipment they need to succeed.

“I am pleased to announce that Dallas Moore will be joining our company as vice president operations (Light Rig Division) of EnviroBore Drilling Ltd. (BC), effective immediately,” says Astles. “This appointment comes as a result of acquisition of Full Bore Contracting (BC), and I am confident that Dallas will be an asset to our team as we move forward.”

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EnviroBore has a fleet of modern drilling rigs that are capable of drilling in a range of soil conditions. The company’s drilling capabilities range from small-diameter bores for residential or commercial services to large-diameter bores for oil and gas pipelines.

SOURCE – EnviroBore Directional Drilling

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