Don’t let railroads or rebar stop you, we have a solution.

Whether under rails or concrete with wire mesh and rebar, the Echo 50XF handles it all. The 50XF cuts through passive interference when switched into the sub-kHz frequencies and provides the locator with the most accurate results on the market. Need a little more range for highway and river crossings? No problem, switch the transmitter into high-power mode, with frequencies ranging up to 41kHz, for an added boost when active interference comes calling. We can confidently say this transmitter, with 16 frequencies and two power modes, the 50XF will outperform any other standard-size transmitter on the market. Pair that with the Mag 9 or Mag 5s, and you will have a winning combination that will unlock endless job opportunities for you and your crew! Check out Underground Magnetics at www.umaghdd.com for more information or to schedule your demo today! We have dealers and representatives all over the country ready to show you the power of the UMag product line.


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