Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Applied Felts

Introducing Applied Felt’s® EnviroCure® – The answer to CIPP styrene emissions.

Through extensive research and development, Applied Felts® has developed a solution to the perceived concern about the safety of styrene emissions in the Cured-in-Place Pipe process. EnviroCure® is a heat-cured, STYRENE IMPERMEABLE polymer coated, multi-layer felt liner, that vastly reduces if not eliminates styrene emissions and odor on the jobsite before, during and after installations – taking away the significant cost and unpredictability of styrene-free resin systems.

An independent study conducted by IUPUI, Oct. 2021, concluded, EnviroCure reduces on-site styrene emissions to less than 1 part per million. Jobsite reports no detectable odors in refer trucks when doors are opened, or in steam flumes or manholes.

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EnviroCure provides a safer and less expensive option vs. more costly styrene-free resin for all mainline CIPP installations that typically use styrenated resin systems, providing the solution to jobsite styrene emissions as opposed to relying on a resin system to accomplish the objective. 

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Over 50 Years of Installation Success

Applied Felts’ proven, decades-long history of extending the life of sewer and water pipes using our rigorously-tested, 100% in-house, vertically- integrated manufacturing processes has allowed Applied Felts CIPP felt and hybrid liners to lead the way in the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation market since our close involvement with the invention of CIPP liners in the 1970’s. 

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And, making your job even easier, streamline your next job with pre-impregnated liners from anywhere in North America with our 5 strategically-located regional wet–out facilities at FerraTex Solutions.

Applied Felts: 276.656.1904 AppliedFelts.com  Ferratex Solutions: (844) 433-7728 Ferratex.com 

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