United Felts Rebranding

Applied Felts Inc., FerraTex Solutions Rebranded to United Felts

United Felts a Vortex Company

The next step in the Vortex Companies’ acquisition of Applied Felts Inc., FerraTex Solutions and MaxLiner in North America is the rebranding of Applied Felts Inc. and FerraTex Solutions in as United Felts.

At the heart of this launch is the celebration of the 100,000th liner, representing more than 200 million ft, a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. “This milestone, on the day we announce United Felts, positions us as a leader in the trenchless rehabilitation sector and marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards even greater achievements,” a press release from Vortex Companies reads.

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“Our dedication to our customers is embodied in United Felts, as we strive to deliver big with every liner we produce,” remarked Mike Vellano, CEO of Vortex Companies. “With United Felts, customers can expect unmatched quality, impeccable lead times, and exceptional service, reaffirming our commitment to exceeding expectations.”

Matt Timberlake, president of United Felts, expressed his excitement about this occasion and the prospects for the brand’s future.

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“The launch of United Felts marks a pivotal moment in our journey, as we continue to push boundaries and deliver solutions to our customers,” said Timberlake.” United Felts inherits decades of manufacturing experience and innovation to lead the industry, offering unparalleled quality, efficiency, and service excellence.”

United Felts’ commitment to excellence is encapsulated in its brand ethos: United to Deliver Big. This ethos reflects its dedication to surpassing customer expectations and delivering with precision, speed, and reliability.

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The new United Felts logo, symbolizing the company’s commitment to a bold new era in trenchless rehabilitation and American made quality. The logo highlights the company’s values of innovation, quality and reliability, setting the stage for a future defined by excellence.

The Applied Felts Inc. and FerraTex Solutions brands will be retired over the coming months. The MaxLiner brand will remain intact under the operation of United Felts.

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SOURCE – Vortex Companies

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