Up to the Task: Andrews.engineer Empowers the Industry Via New Toronto Training Centre

Largely recognized as a leader and mentor in sewer asset management, andrews.engineer (A.E) is actively engaged in the engineering community through various events and industry associations — keeping abreast of global advancements in techniques, methods and applications.

In-house training programs are just one way in which they partner with clients to help improve system operation and provide the best return on taxpayer investment.

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Celebrating its 25th anniversary by building upon a long tradition of providing clients with educational opportunities, A.E has enhanced its training offerings to help clients better understand asset recommendations and make best-informed decisions regarding their own systems.

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Over the past two years, A.E. has delivered educational seminars at its facility in Toronto, as well as onsite at various municipalities. These seminars have included cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) design, CIPP QA/QC, sewer inspection and condition assessment methods, and sewer and appurtenance rehabilitation techniques.

“At andrews.engineer, we’ve always endeavoured to build a foundation of trust with our clients by empowering them with the knowledge they need to choose the best and right solutions,” says Mark Andrews, founder and owner, andrews.engineer.

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Considering the overwhelming client demand for local and easily accessible educational opportunities, A.E envisioned and recently completed construction of an ambitious, full-scale trunk sewer model, training facility and classroom at its Toronto location.

Upon entering the A.E warehouse, it’s hard not to notice the impressive setup along the back wall. Backdropped by a fluid, water-inspired mural, the full-scale trunk sewer model consists of a 5 m high, 1,800-mm concrete maintenance hole (MH) connected to 900-mm and 1,050-mm concrete trunk sewer pipes.

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faro laser scanner

Lindsay Smith, with Pipetek Infrastructure Services a pipe inspection and cleaning service contractor, lowers a Faro Laser Scanner into the maintenance hole from the mezzanine.

The aforementioned artwork then flows behind the structure — emptying out into a painted, egg-shaped brick sewer aligned with the trunk sewer’s 1,050-mm terminus. Access to the MH is provided via a metal staircase and mezzanine that is constructed flush with the MH opening. To facilitate training, a winch with an integrated fencing system surrounds the MH opening while an aluminium ladder has been constructed within the MH. The MH cover itself is built of lightweight aluminium to facilitate handling of same during training exercises.

The classroom, located immediately adjacent to the trunk sewer model, is equipped with a large screen TV capable of receiving live video feeds from the top of the MH and/or from inspection equipment inserted into the MH and/or trunk sewers.

trunk sewer model

Ted Li, project engineer for andrews.engineer, standing beside the trunk sewer model used in training and education sessions.

From Feb. 13-15, this new facility was used to host a mid-winter, climate-controlled training opportunity for over 50 of A.E’s municipal clients. Daily live demonstrations enabled attendees to witness (and touch if desired) some of the latest developments in sewer and chamber inspection technology including IBAK Panoramo, 3D Faro Laser Scanning and CCTV/Sonar/Lase; as well as a sampling of the latest sewer, lateral and maintenance hole rehabilitation products and techniques, including UV-cured CIPP, trenchless lateral spot repairs, top hat installations, maintenance hole sealing and mechanical cleaning.

“The Municipal Event at andrews.engineer was exceptional and was well attended by decision-makers from many cities and municipalities from South Central Ontario,” says Michael O’Toole, national sales manager, Fernco Connectors LTD. “The professionals at A.E put on an exceptional show that was well planned out by everyone involved.”

These training sessions also included a presentation regarding the management and integration of large datasets. With extensive experience managing massive amounts of data and recognizing the importance of utilizing data to make informed and transparent decisions, A.E is playing a key role in centralizing and integrating data across multiple platforms to enhance decision making, planning and programming.


“Saertex multiCom had the privilege and opportunity to participate in three days of technology transfer in Toronto,” says Mark McClymonds, sales manager, Saertex multiCom. “Mark Andrews has created a facility second to none for this type of event. Each day, the facility was close to or at capacity — filled by attendees from many of the surrounding municipalities. What an awesome facility for instructing and learning.

Using non-proprietary, advanced infrastructure management systems, they have developed a comprehensive set of automated validation tools to improve the accuracy and efficiency of field data collection, data processing and analysis. Clients are updated regarding project progress with custom-tailored dashboard systems.

Given the wealth of positive client feedback, A.E plans to organize similar training opportunities in the future — continuing to showcase of some of the most promising sewer asset management options from around the globe.

Margaret Jeronimo is a graphic designer at andrews.engineer.