Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

2015 Horizontal Directional Drill Specs

When shopping for a drill rig, there are many, many options out there. Big or small, the HDD industry has a rig for you. Custom-made or one off the assembly line, not a problem. We want to help you start your buying process by introducing you to what is available. Many contractors have brand favorites but we wanted to give you a well-rounded view of the rigs on the market.

As with every Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide, we have included our annual HDD rig catalog. We reached out to the HDD rig manufacturers to share with our readers their product fleet that includes compact, midsize and maxi rigs. The information provided in this section comes directly from the manufacturers to give you just a glimpse of what their rigs are capable of. For more specific data, you will need to directly touch base with the manufacturer.

All the information comes directly from the rig manufacturers. No direct comparisons between equipment or manufacturers are implied. We also asked that the manufacturers offer some tips on purchasing and maintenance.

Please click here to access the downloadable PDF detailing HDD rigs for you.

Sharon M. Bueno is managing editor of Trenchless Technology.
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