Honoring Veterans in the Trenchless Industry

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Tom Iseley, Louisiana Tech UniversityName: Dr. Tom Iseley, P.E., Associate Director of International Operations, Professor of Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering Technology, Trenchless Technology Center, Louisiana Tech University

Years in the Trenchless Industry: 40

Branch of Service: United States Coast Guard

Years Served: April 1968 to March 1972

Rank at Discharge: E5

Your Military Occupation: Aviation Electrician

Combat Tours: I didn’t serve in a combat zone. Two helicopters were assigned to icebreakers. I was an aviation electrician on a helicopter and an air crewman. I made a cruise to the Antarctic one year and another year I was on an icebreaker in the Arctic.

Military After Active Duty (Reserves, National Guard, etc.): Inactive reserves from April 1972 to March 1974

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