Subscriber Testimonials

John Struzziery

As a long-time subscriber of Trenchless Technology Magazine as both a consultant and now an owner, I have found the technology updates, case histories, technical information, and resources to be a great source of practical information and relevance in my work.

Riff Wright

In the HDD industry we have learned as an aftermarket tooling company that networking can be very helpful when boosting sales and building relationships. Trenchless Technology was a publication that we were lead to by industry professionals. Being a part of this network has helped us to advertise our culture, business and products.

Riff Wright |

Andy Sherwin

As an International supplier of trenchless products, it’s difficult to reach every corner of the globe from one location. I have found that through my relationship with Benjamin Media and Trenchless Technology and Trenchless Technology Canada magazines, that we are not only able to reach the  North American market, but their articles, webinars and workshops translate the world over. The Trenchless Technology group is always professional and always innovative in their approach to reaching new potential customers.

Robert J. Auber

Trenchless Technology has proven to be a time tested, reliable conduit to keep me current in today’s ever evolving and dynamic world of underground construction.

Robert J. Auber

Since its beginning, Trenchless Technology has been an avid supporter of the Trenchless excavation industry in so many, many ways! From providing education services, to staunching advocating our industry on a federal level, to providing and supporting various conferences across the globe, and encouraging networking amongst contractors, utilities, government agencies, and OEM’s like Barbco, Trenchless Technology has been there for all of us!

There is no doubt that Trenchless Technology is the brand that connects our industry!”

David M. Barbera |

Robert J. Auber

Trenchless Technology is a great source of information on the latest innovations being put to use in our industry.”

John Matthews |