For the past 12 years, LMK Pipe Renewal, LLC (LMKPR) has been providing high quality products and services to municipalities and utility owners throughout the State of Florida. LMKPR is a trenchless contractor specializing in renewing sewer collection systems utilizing CIPP outfitted with engineered compression gaskets to provide water tight systems without the cost, time, and disruption associated with conventional excavation. LMK Pipe Renewal is expanding its operations and is seeking qualified individuals as the company seeks to fill several positions in the Fort Lauderdale based operations.

Project Manager – Must have 10 years or more experience in managing CIPP projects
CIPP Crew Supervisor – Must have 5 years or more experience in CIPP technology
Chemical Grout Operator – Must have 5 years or more experience in chemical grouting
CCTV Lateral Launch Operator – Must have 2 years or more experience in lateral launching

LMKPR is an equal opportunity employer and provides fair wages, holiday pay, PTO, health, dental and eye.  For more information send your resume to