Selecting the best bit type and design is one of the most important factors when drilling through rock. Infinity manufactures and supplies three different types of bits for pilot boring in HDD applications:

  • PDC bits – Diameters from 1-7/8” to 18”
  • Tricone bits – Diameters from 2-15/16” to 17-1/2”
  • Directional Hammer Bits – 4” to 7-1/2”

PDC Bits are an excellent tool for drilling in soft shale / hard clay conditions up to solid rock at 25,000 psi. In these ground conditions they offer higher speed, longer life and increased steerability. PDC Bits also put less stress on the drill rig due to lower torque required and less vibration on the drill rods, producing clean holes with a consistent size.

Tricones are a versatile bit with an option for nearly every type of rock, especially above 25,000 psi compressive strength. As well as being low in initial investment, they also have excellent impact resistance which makes them suitable when the rock is fractured.

Directional Hammer Bits are especially suited to drilling in hard abrasive ground conditions, where they offer fast drilling speeds and long life.

Infinity also manufactures two options for reaming and hole opening in rock:

  1. PDC Reamers
    50% faster than traditional methods, Infinity’s Patented PDC Reamers are designed with a taper and a spiral. These key attributes make their reamers one of the best in the world. Manufactured in push or pull body configuration, reamers are available from 6” to 48”.
  2. Hole Openers
    Tricone hole openers are a cost-effective solution for hole opening in rock, as larger holes can be drilled with smaller rigs by drilling in stages. Infinity designs and engineers their tricone hole openers with exceptional build quality to maximise hole opening speed. Hole Openers are available from 8” to 60”.

Infinity has several resources available online to help their customers choose the best bit –

Since 2009, the name Infinity Tool Manufacturing has been synonymous with manufacturing and supplying market leading rock tools to the HDD industry. Products are manufactured in a world class facility to ISO 9001 international quality management standards. The manufacturing facility is located in Benton, Illinois with distributors and agents located across the globe.

Infinity offers free advice to support you with your rock boring challenges. To discuss operating procedures when using rock tools or which products are best suited to your specific ground conditions, please get in touch with Infinity’s customer service team.

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