The german-based Pipetronics GmbH & Co. KG is convinced that the future of trenchless sewer rehabilitation belongs to electrical-driven, multifunctional robotic systems provided with artificial intelligence, self-sufficiency, and simple control.

Therefore the Pipetronics eMulti system design is based on one robot system equipped with the electric milling robot eCutter and the PI.TRON filling and grouting system for repairing pipe damages, imperfections and cracks with high-grade epoxy resins.

Other Pipetronics systems can be easily attached to the multifunctional robot unit using a bayonet lock. Such as the new heatable setting device PI.TRON HatSet for setting hat profiles in inlet areas, the PI.TRON HydroJet Kit for high-pressure water jet cut and the PI.TRON WaterStop for pre-sealing water infiltration before the installation of CIPP house liners.

All of those systems are operated solely via one control stand. The eMulti offers a wide variety of possible uses, not least for reasons of sustainability. The electric battery-powered sewer robots (milling, filling, grouting) are emission-free and much quieter, and permit milling work to be carried out in the evening hours when other systems have to stop for noise protection. Rehabilitation companies can remain flexible on the construction site with one system and one crew due to Pipetronics.

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