The Utilivac system has revolutionized vacuum excavation, increasing productivity and lowering costs. Its lightweight portability allows crews to complete projects in the tightest of locations, without sacrificing any power. The Utilivac uses a standard compressor to produce a powerful 850 cfm vacuum and develop an incredible 22” Hg vacuum at its 4” inlet.

As the Utilivac system uses air to excavate, spoils stay loose and dry for easy backfilling, eliminating the need to bring dry fill or haul mud off for disposal. Our unique air knife generates powerful shock waves to loosen soil, clay, and hardpan for easy collection. The Utilivac will vacuum anything, from gravel to wet concrete!

The Utilivac is reliable and low maintenance with no moving parts, filters, or rust to combat. Rugged aluminum construction makes Utilivac lightweight and hand portable. Just rinse Utilivac with a garden hose as needed and you’re good to go.

Additionally, the Utilivac is a fraction of the cost of a vacuum truck – you can own 10 Utilivac systems for the cost of one truck!

Nothing beats the safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of the Utilivac. Learn more here

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