For 34 years Bor-It has been manufacturing some of the toughest boring machines on the market.  The Model 12 “Mighty Max” is one of our most popular machines for small boring jobs.  This hydraulic driven machine weighs in at only 630 pounds making it is easy to move in and out of the trench.  The model 12 is well suited for driveway bores and small utility jobs 12” diameter and under.  Supplied with 20’ hydraulic hoses to plug into your backhoe, setup is quick and efficient.  The machine is mounted on a 6’ track and comes with a 3’ track extension to allow for a small bore pit.  If you are looking for a compact, versatile, easy to move small boring machine, the Bor-It “Mighty Max” is the machine for you.  We manufacture a range of machine for bores 4” up to 72”.  Please contact us with any questions:  800-289-6639 or email at  Visit for more information.

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