Vector Magnetics manufactures the ParaTrack line of guidance tools for Horizontal Directional Drilling. Vector Magnetics has developed a reputation for innovative guidance technologies engineered, designed, and manufactured in the USA. The company has recently released the ParaTrack Gyro Module, bringing fiber-optic gyro technology to new and existing ParaTrack systems.

ParaTrack guidance tools are available exclusively through Inrock and Prime Horizontal. This gives ParaTrack a global reach while allowing Vector Magnetics to remain focused on their core business of engineering and manufacturing. Distributors maintain direct relationships with many of the surveyors and drillers putting the tools in the ground, and in turn relay timely information back to Vector Magnetics’ product development and support teams. “We hear directly from the job site on a daily basis and this feedback is quickly integrated into our solutions,” says Vector Magnetics President, David Mohler.

Vector Magnetics Ellis Island ProjectThe development of the ParaTrack Gyro Module is the latest example of those ongoing relationships. Customers wanted a gyro that could be added to their existing guidance equipment. By offering the Gyro Module as a supplement to those existing magnetic tools, customers gain the benefits of guidance free from magnetic interference, while retaining the confidence that can only be obtained through secondary verification with the ParaTrack2 Guide Wire or Beacon Tracker System.

As a result, customer response has been very positive. “It’s the tool that everyone is asking about”, says Vector Magnetics Director of Marketing Jed Sheckler. “It allows customers to take on projects that were previously difficult or impossible with magnetic tools, while retaining ownership of the guidance component of the job.” With the Gyro Module added to their toolbox, customers can expand the pool of jobs they are capable of bidding on while they continue to maximize their ROI by assigning their magnetic tools to jobs where the expense of a gyro isn’t justified. For some crossings, customers may find that the magnetic ParaTrack Steering tool, aided by surface tracking, is faster and cheaper than any gyro system.” ParaTrack is the only HDD guidance system available with this broad range of capabilities, all tied together through a single software interface.

The full range of Vector Magnetics HDD guidance solutions includes:

  • ParaTrack Steering Tool

  • ParaTrack Gyro Module

  • ParaTrack2 AC Wire Tracking

  • Beacon Tracker System

  • At-Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA)

  • Pipe and annular pressure monitoring for both pilot hole drilling and reaming

More information on Vector Magnetics’ full line of HDD guidance tools can be found on their product page.

Source – Vector Magnetics

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