Advancing Forward.

We accelerate the development of underground spaces by Advancing Precast Concrete in Tunneling

  • Microtunneling Pipe
  • Segmental Tunnel & Shaft Liners
  • Custom Precast & Pre-stressed Elements

From Low Slump to Self-Consolidating Concrete Mixes, Rebar to Steel Fiber to Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement, we accelerate the development of Underground Spaces by advancing precast concrete infrastructure supporting the Tunneling Industry – Microtunnels and Large Diameter tunnels for Metro and Roads, Combined Sewer Overflows, Underground Storage, People Movers, and more.

Our Mission is to excel at engineering and manufacturing precast infrastructure to enable faster excavations, installations, and operation of underground spaces. We aim to be the preferred and consistently performing tunnel, shaft, and underground precast infrastructure provider in North America.

Our team has completed over 75 large diameter tunnel liner projects internationally, including over 30 large diameter tunnel projects in North America. Our resolve to continuously advance led to the disciplined early adoption of innovative technologies in the U.S. market including steel fiber and synthetic fiber reinforced tunnel liners, anchored gaskets, and a precast liner system capable of withstanding 800 feet of groundwater head.

We have manufactured miles of Microtunneling Pipe from 36 to 120 inch ID. Vertically integrated, we fabricate our own molds, steel bell bands, intermediate jacking stations, and accessories.  We offer fabrication services for push rings, compression packers and other specialty item to support our clients.

Working together with our clients to achieve the next milestone underground. Our Commitment to our Clients is to be a Quality First Partner, backed by our Expert Team with Deep Knowledge of Proven Technologies and Quality Practices, Unrivaled In-house Capabilities including Concreting Plant Systems, Steel & Wood Mold Shops, In-house Rebar Fabrication, and QC Laboratories.

Our Engineering Team performs extensive and careful reviews of project requirements from pre-bid through construction.  Our Quality First Process is supported by our In-house QC Laboratories staffed by accredited lab personnel, Concrete Trial Laboratory with mixers, Curing Chambers, Concrete Maturity testing equipment; and High Precision 3D Laser Scanning for mold & product Quality Assurance. 

United Underground Precast is at the Forefront of Underground Space Development.

United Underground Precast, is an affiliate to United Concrete Products (established 1954), formed to meet the increasingly complex technical and manufacturing demands crucial to the delivery of advanced durable precast concrete microtunneling pipe, segmental tunnel liners, shafts and other custom precast elements for major underground projects.

SOURCE – United Underground Precast

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