Numa is a leading drilling technology provider, dedicated to ongoing product innovation and results-oriented consistency. For more than 30 years, Numa has built a strong legacy of high quality, U.S. made hammers and bits for drilling vertical, horizontal and reverse circulation holes 3.5 to 50.5 in. (89 -1283 mm) in diameter.

The company has recently expanded its horizontal directional drilling (HDD) product line to provide more capabilities for drilling in hard rock and fractured ground formations.

NUMA HDD 60Numa offers a wide variety of HDD drilling systems consisting of HDD hammers, bits, side load sonde housings, bent subs and adaptors capable of drilling holes 3 7/8 to 7.5 in. (98 mm to 191 mm) in diameter. Some of the many benefits Numa touts for the HDD product line include: improved steerability, fast penetration rate, simplified field maintenance, reduced air requirements, and lower overall cost per foot.

Along with its products, the company also has HDD rock drilling veterans on staff with in-depth expertise in drilling tooling, fluids, bits, reamers, rock tools, swivels, and more. Numa’s drilling experts travel to job sites to teach customers the most effective ways to drill using pneumatic hammers and bits in horizontal drilling applications. The training and support provided by Numa has allowed drillers to maximize their investments in HDD tooling and complete jobs in the most efficient manner possible.

“Numa has a long history of serving the HDD market and understands the unique challenges drillers face in rock and fractured formations,” said Ralph Leonard, Numa president. “Our abilities to support our customers with expertise and made in the USA HDD products, provide the right balance of performance and dependability.”

With deep experience in rock drilling, Numa purposely designed their HDD hammers to drill longer in difficult rock conditions. A single bore design allows for a maximum bore diameter in conjunction with providing optimum life against abrasion. The full line of Numa’s HDD Drilling Systems is made up of the models indicated below with further details available on their product page.

  • HDD 35 for drilling holes 3-7/8 to 4 in. (98 mm to 102 mm) in diameter

  • HDD 40 for drilling holes 4.75 to 5 in. (121 mm to 127 mm) in diameter

  • HDD 50 for drilling holes 5.75 to 6-1/8 in. (146 mm to 156 mm) in diameter

  • HDD 60 for drilling holes 7 to 7.5 in. (178 mm to 191 mm) in diameter

All of Numa’s products are designed by an in-house engineering team and made in its United States plant. With a long history of innovation, Numa has over 110 products that are perfectly suited for drilling in hard rock, overburden, and fractured formations found in the HDD, construction, utility, oil and gas, horizontal boring, and other rock drilling industries.

The breadth of its product offering is wide but Numa touts a customer-centric mindset. The company not only focuses on the quality of its drilling products but the value delivered in product performance, training, and personal service.


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