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Save time, water and money by focusing collection system resources with the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT®. Use InfoSense’s award-winning acoustic inspection technology as the first step in the maintenance workflow. Screen for blockages in small diameter sewer lines and use inspection data to drive decision-making.

Screen 10-20,000 ft/day at low cost to assess where blockages are in the system. Resources can be deployed based on inspection results, saving valuable time, water and money otherwise spent cleaning clean pipes. Focus on the 10-35% of the system with identified need and improve efficiency. The SL-RAT is highly portable, easy to use, no flow contact, and GPS enabled. Over 350 million ft inspected by hundreds of utilities.

InfoSense Inc. is based in Charlotte, NC and is the sole manufacturer of the SL-RAT®. To schedule a free demo, you can reach us at 877-747-3245 or email To learn more, visit

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