SB Liner

Premier Pipe USA™ S.B Liner is a groundbreaking proprietary styrene barrier coated product, which is named after our Premier Pipe founder, Mr. Simon Baylis. He was a proven engineer and a benchmark leader of our industry for many years. Simon was a great mind and lining expert. That is why it is an honor to name our first styrene barrier system after Simon Baylis who also played a role in the development of the S.B Liner.

S.B. Liner is a state-of-the-art technology that is an all polyester felt tube or polyester and fiberglass infused tube then is coated with our proprietary styrene barrier, this coating is applied by a flat die extrusion process. Our Premier Pipe USA™ S.B. Liner is then saturated in our own wet out with our standard polyester and vinyl ester resins. It is then taken to the job site to be inverted in the host line and then either steam or hot water cured to our current recommendations. Our Premier Pipe USA™ S.B. Liner with our proprietary styrene barrier can also be saturated with our specialty formulated UV resin, can be installed via inversion or drag-in, and cured using UV light as an option. Any questions a jobsite has, S.B. Liner can be the answer.

We feel that we now have a tested S.B. Liner system that meets our goals and standards, and this starts with our special proprietary styrene barrier technology which prevents permeation of the styrene and allows us to cook out the encapsulated styrene. This state-of-the-art styrene barrier coating makes styrene detection on a jobsite virtually untraceable. S.B. coating is designed for stretch so lateral location is never a problem. We feel very confident our Premier Pipe USA™ S.B. Liners can and will “dimple” laterals in a steam, hot water, or UV inversion.

Our S.B. Liner needs no special equipment or special training. CIPP crews can take Premier Pipe USA™ S.B. Liner and install it using everyday standard procedures. Premier Pipe USA™ has been working on S.B. Liner for over 5 years and will continue to push the boundaries of styrene barrier lining systems.

S.B. Liner is available through our trusted group of installers, Michels Pipe Services, Insight Pipe Contracting, and Am-Liner East.

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