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Sewer Equipment of AmericaSewer Equipment of America
Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment’s Model 184 is the brand’s best-selling unit. With reliable features, such as a tubular steel frame, corrosion resistant pre-painted sub assemblies, state-of-the-art controls, strong hose reel, high-quality diesel engine and the Mongoose Run-Dry Pump, this machine will return more on your investment than anything in its class. For questions or more information, please contact (800) 323-1604 or visit Sewer Equipment of America online at www.mongoosejetters.com.

Super Products LLCSuper Products LLC
The new Camel 1200 from Super Products LLC offers outstanding sewer cleaning performance, as well as convenience and time-saving features including optimal boom motion, unique ejection unloading and collector body-tilt capability. The latest addition to Super Products’ popular line of Camel sewer and catch basin cleaners, the 1200 offers a 1,500-gal water tank set-up and 12-yard capacity debris collector body to provide continuous, effective sewer cleaning performance. The unit’s boom is capable of 250 degree rotation, 26-ft reach, 21-ft vertical lift and 3-ft downward pivot to achieve greater work area access and make adding/removing hose easier. The 1200 uses Super Products’ industry exclusive ejection unloading system for fast, thorough and safe removal of debris. And its innovative dewatering process results in drier loads, fewer required trips to unload and reduced disposal costs. The body-tilt feature enables unloading debris into disposal sites that require vehicles to be in a nose down position and ensures all collected liquids are cleared quickly and efficiently. For additional operator convenience and job site flexibility, the Camel 1200 can be specified with optional features including Super Products’ innovative Acculevel load sensor system and a hydro excavation performance package. For more information, call (800) 837-9711 or visit the website at www.superproductsllc.com.

USB-Sewer Equipment Corp.USB-Sewer Equipment Corp.
One piece stainless steel cleaning nozzles from USB – Sewer Equipment Corp. are neither bonded nor screwed together; the latest technology enhances strength and significantly reduces chances of failure under pressure for greater safety and optimum performance. The nozzles’ Advanced, Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics, located in the lower part of the chamber, completely eliminate pressure in the upper portion of the nozzle and prevent explosion in a sewer line or manhole. The water coming from a pressurized hose is immediately guided directly into channels and smoothly directed into one piece ceramic nozzle inserts, which do not require winglets or flow-straighteners, because of the hydromechanics in and out of the chamber. The result is a highly efficient jet pattern. The nozzles, precision engineered and manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, provide excellent efficiency and unrivaled cleaning performance to remove sand, mud, silt, grease and obstructions from sewer and storm-water lines.  

NozzTeq introduces spinning sewer nozzles to its sewer cleaning nozzles. We now have half-inch, three-quarter-inch, 1 in. and our large 1 in. or 1.25 in. with two kinds of skids. These spinners are made of stainless steel and brass and require no oil or daily maintenance. They require no rebuild kits and just good washing off at the end of the day. Its line of spinning nozzles is different concept than most and spin fast including rear thrusting jets. These spinning nozzles not only cut grease, but can be used to clean the pipe without putting another nozzle in the line. NozzTeq Sewer spinning nozzles can effectively clean sewer or storm water pipes from 2 to 18 in. NozzTeq offers many steel and stainless sled types for its largest spinner to centralize them and make the spinning nozzle more effective. More information is available at www.nozzteq.com or 866-620-5915.

Vactor Mfg.Vactor Mfg.
The VactorTRAK remote information system introduced by Vactor Mfg. monitors and reviews sewer cleaning operations on Vactor 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaners equipped with the system. The system can also be retrofitted onto existing Vactor 2100 Plus trucks. VactorTRAK collects and transmits comprehensive, operational intelligence from the Vactor 2100 Plus to a secure, hosted website where the public utility or professional contractor is able to access information 24/7 from any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. In addition to specific job reviews, VactorTRAK allows the operations manager to view statistics for each unit or the entire fleet over a given time period to determine information such as total sewer line cleaned, total jobs performed, total amount of water consumed, total number of productive hours and total fuel consumed. After logging in, the most current information is instantly available, including the current location of the sewer cleaner fleet, and the current status of each unit.  A summary of daily statistics shows what each unit has completed up to that point during the day. Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning entire wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100 Plus sewer cleaner includes many of the same features customers have come to expect from the Vactor 2100 Series sewer cleaners, including the easy-load, fast-dump debris body, Modul-Flex design system, multi-stage blower filtration system, and positive displacement vacuum and fan platforms.
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