HDD contractors are gaining prolonged use of their starter rods and collars by switching to Kondex Drill Defender components that use laser cladding tungsten carbide wear protection.

Thanks to its precise, robotically applied process and consistent thickness, Kondex laser cladding can protect areas that were previously left vulnerable. This wear protection is proving exceptionally valuable at the connection point of starter rods and collars, which traditionally draws heavy material wear from recirculating debris.

As shown in the image, Kondex protects the top perimeter and outer edge of the collar, as well as the starter rod reduction area where the collar sits to significantly reduce risk of breakage.

Laser cladding offers several advantages to hard face welding, including a greater density of tungsten carbides, no heat affected zone to maintain structural integrity of the base material, and less porosity. Learn more and shop online at www.kondexparts.com.

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