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CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe) is a widely used method of rehabilitating damaged laterals that requires little to no excavation, greatly reducing the cost, inconvenience, and environmental impact of fixing a damaged underground pipe. CIPP can renew an entire line or just a localized damaged section of pipe. Instead of digging up the property to repair the damaged area, it can be structurally repaired using a Point Repair. A flexible, resin-saturated fiberglass mat is installed into the existing pipe just in the damaged area, and then cured to a hard finish offering a quick and effective solution that adds 50 years of usable service life to the pipe.

before and after pipe repair

Point Repair is easy and economical. Crews can quickly learn the installation process and become confident and efficient in a short amount of time. The installation process is simple:

Inspection & Cleaning – First, the line is televised to inspect the area to be repaired and identify any other conditions of concern. The line is then thoroughly cleaned so that it is free of debris, roots, other deposits, and anything else that may damage the packer during installation. The distance to the area to be repaired is measured by marking the camera cable during inspection.

Equipment & Material Preparation – Second, the installer assembles the necessary number of push rods to be able to push the repair into place. It is good practice for the installer to perform a test run to ensure the packer will reach the area to be repaired. The installer should also test-inflate the packer to determine the proper psi to use when installing the repair as psi requirements change over the life of the packer.

With point repair solutions from HammerHead® Trenchless, all materials for a point repair are conveniently packaged so the installer just has to unpack the materials to get started. The pre-measured 2-part resin gets mixed in its packaging and spread across the pre-cut fiberglass mat so that the mat is fully saturated. With a protective sleeve around the packer, the mat is then rolled onto the packer and secured using the supplies provided in each packaged solution.

CIPP point repair

Installation – the packer and mat are inserted into the pipe and pushed into place using the push rods. Once positioned properly, the packer is inflated to the predetermined psi and held under pressure as the resin cures to a hard finish. Curing time will vary based on individual job conditions but typically takes 1.5 – 2 hours in moderate ambient temperatures.

HammerHead Trenchless offers three different resin blends with different work times and cure times so installers can select the blend that best meets their preferences and the ambient conditions of the job site. The point repair resins are free of harmful chemicals like styrenes and VOC’s, free of odor, and do not pose any health risks to the installers, property owners, or the surrounding environment.

CIPP point repair

Packer Removal & Reinspection – once fully cured, the packer is deflated and removed, and the completed repair is inspected to ensure a quality result. Point repairs, installed in 2-foot and 4-foot sections, can be installed during active infiltration and they lock out I&I. Point Repairs can be used in pipes 3” – 60” in diameter, and they are compatible with a wide range of host pipe materials including concrete, reinforced concrete, vitrified clay, PVC, corrugated metal, and asbestos cement.

Point Repair is a simple, economical trenchless solution to repair sewer and stormwater pipes. Installation is easy to learn and adding point repair services is an affordable opportunity to expand your business. Plus, HammerHead Trenchless offers comprehensive training to ensure success on each job as you add CIPP point repairs to your service offering.

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