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When drilling a pilot bore, nothing is as important as maintaining the designed specification. While modern guidance systems have reduced the risk of excessive left/right deviation, the ability to control elevation remains a prime factor in determining overall project success.

Precise elevation control ensures the bore follows the specified radius, enabling the product line to be pulled smoothly, and determining whether the punch-out hits its mark or comes up short.

Standard steering tool configurations place the survey sensors up to 3 rods behind the bit. This results in a significant delay between steering input and survey verification, forcing the driller to make steering decisions based on outdated information. The At Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA) from Vector Magnetics is the first and only tool for HDD that enables real-time reaction to elevation changes as they occur. Whether encountering an unconsolidated formation, holding an extreme exit angle, or when breaking radius is simply not an option, the ABIA measures inclination at the bit without the lag of a steering tool survey.

The ABIA is a compact sub, 21” in length, that sits between the bit and mud motor or jetting assembly. It is available off the shelf in 7.75” and 8.5” OD with 6 5/8” API reg threads, with custom sizes also available. Inclination data is transmitted via electromagnetic pulse to a ParaTrack Steering Tool located in its usual position in a collar. The ABIA contains a field- rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed for weeks of use and rated for air transport, allowing easy deployment to any field location.

To learn more about the ABIA and how it fits into the wider range of ParaTrack HDD tools, visit or contact your local Inrock or Prime Horizontal representative.

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