Underground Magnetics new Mag 9 receiver offers unmatched power and unprecedented performance. Paired with the Echo 50XF Rebar TX technology, you will enjoy the industry’s best depth and range with exceptional precision and accuracy. The Mag 9 features a bigger, brighter display screen, a sleek design for easy on-the-job handling, and the industries’ easiest on-screen user interface.

Additionally, automated data logging information has long been a competitive advantage for UMag. Yet, the Mag 9 elevates automation to another level. Data logging is integrated into the system and information is shared on the display monitor. There is no need to use a separate mobile device to view the data.

The latest edition of the Mag Series delivers a giant step forward for walkover HDD locating solutions…and it’s priced below competitors’ products with far fewer capabilities.

A Leader in Innovation

The Umag Mag 9 was awarded the 2022 UCT Showstopper Award for the “Best HDD Innovation.” Just one more way we are being recognized as a leader in HDD product innovation.

Mag Series Clearly Delivers

The Mag Series offers a solution for every need. The Mag 5s is designed with urban utility construction and fiber installation in mind. The Mag 3s receiver sets the standard for affordable locators. It cuts through the clutter and interference at a cost that no other locator can touch.

All Mag Series receivers feature two high-precision, Faraday Shielded 3D antennas, each independently tracking location information. With this innovative engineering, you get more accurate and precise sub-surface intel. Plus, with state-of-the-art digital signal processing and advanced communication designs, UMag receivers double down on range capabilities, accurately navigating depths and distances up to 360 feet.

Underground Magnetics: Focused on the Future

Underground Magnetics

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Underground Magnetics leads the way. A new 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art plant offers expanded warehouse and service resources. The Iowa-based facilities tout expanded manufacturing capabilities and expedited repair services. As a result, Underground Magnetics keeps you up and running with less downtime.

For more information about a company with the winning combination, contact the pros at Underground Magnetics – (515) 505-0960 or Support@UMagHDD.com. Learn more here.

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