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For those of us in the trenchless rehabilitation field, we do not need convincing that our technology is the smart and sustainable solution for water infrastructure renewal.

Through years of challenging the traditional open-cut method, trenchless solutions have steadily gained traction, first amongst forward-thinking municipal engineers who saw the real hands-on advantages including less disruption both to local residents, businesses and traffic, and to other underground lifelines, a solid long-term reliability and speed to delivery. Then there were the impressive cost saving benefits allowing municipal and provincial infrastructure budget save 25% over traditional dig and replace, allowing them to maximize their tax dollars plus the environmental advantages in reduced GHG emissions. Then the health and safety benefits of implementing innovative technologies to ensure a solid water infrastructure, from protecting access to clean water supply to addressing issues of lead and other contaminants in drinking water which still drive the urgency toward renewal.

This brings us to today, in a world facing the growing threat of climate change and where governments and investors across the globe are setting clear ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals and recognizing the importance of identifying and implementing innovative solutions to reduce emissions and to adapt to climate change.

At the leading edge of this sustainability movement to net zero in the fight against climate change is ALTRA Proven Water Technology. Recently awarded Canada’s Clean50 Top Project and the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label given to the top 1,000 efficient and profitable solutions worldwide to protect the environment, ALTRA is succeeding in connecting the dots between unparalleled effectiveness in water technology and the fight against climate change.

But how was ALTRA able to distinguish itself as a leader in renewal technology? By putting it to the ultimate resiliency test to prove that ALTRA technology would be able to withstand severe ground deformations, like the San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake. The Canadian and Quebec government was so convinced that this technology would be a game changer, ALTRA received $1,5M in funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada and Energy Transition Quebec for this testing.

The ALTRA team partnered with Cornell University’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a team of North America’s leading environmental Public and Municipal Utility Services Departments. The testing took place at Cornell’s Geotechnical Lifelines Large-Scale Testing Facility in Ithaca, NY where ALTRA solutions was subjected to a series of life-sized extreme seismic forces to evaluate pipeline performance during severe earthquake scenarios. ALTRA exceeded all expectations, not just in comparison to other trenchless solutions but also to brand new, earthquake resilient pipes.

The significance of the extraordinary results was best summed up by Thomas O’Rourke, Professor of Engineering in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University who led the testing: “The resilience achieved by ALTRA technology has surpassed everything we have tested so far. This is the best result we have seen and actually achieved the maximum we could test.”

What this means, in the context of climate change, is that ALTRA technology addresses many of the major concerns brought on by global warming, one of which are extreme weather events which are increasing in number and in severity every year. A water main renewed with ALTRA would be able to withstand not only earthquakes, but its resilience could also translate into protecting water supply for decades during severe flooding as we’ve seen in the US gulf coast states brought on by hurricanes and tropical storms, wildfire season, sudden freezing conditions and other environmental threats to water infrastructure.

Recognition for innovative and sustainable solutions by world-renowned organizations including the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solutions label given to 1,000 solutions to change the world awarded to ALTRA, highlighting the importance of addressing sustainability challenges while enabling economic growth. The pressure is on to provide political and economic decision-makers the tools to identify the right solutions that will help them reach their net-zero goals. It will be important to continue to develop innovative solutions in the water technology field and to lead the way to a sustainable future for generations to come.

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