A trusted product in HDD just got better!  CETCO HYDRAUL-EZ® has been reformulated for 2022.  At CETCO, we listen, and this is a change that came from drillers in the field.  The New Improved Formula HYDRAUL-EZ has 25% Increased Product Yield, 20% better Fluid Loss properties, and mixes Quicker and Easier than the original formula.  Tell your distributor that you want New Improved Formula HYDRAUL-EZ.

HYDRAUL-EZ is a specially formulated bentonite drilling fluid that offers superior suspension properties and borehole stability for all soil conditions.  To see the light at the end of the borehole, choose HYDRAUL-EZ – the product of choice among experienced drillers.  Maintaining borehole integrity demands a drilling fluid you can count on for all drilling conditions: it demands HYDRAUL-EZ from CETCO.

Our complete line of Professional Drilling Products will keep your operations running at peak efficiency and will enhance the cost-effectiveness of your drilling operations.  The experienced team of field engineers and research scientists at CETCO offer drillers on-site mud schools, advanced technical support, and continuous product development.  Excellent service and support is a priority at CETCO!

Check out our complete line of Professional Drilling Products and other useful tools such as our HDD Calculator on our website at www.cetco.com/dpg.  Contact us today at 800.527.9948 to put CETCO products and services to work for you!!!

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