CATT Announces 2010 Trenchless Road Show

The Centre for the Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT), based at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo Ontario, Canada, recently announced that it will be holding a Trenchless Road Show June 9–10, 2010, in Mississauga. The show will be held at the Mississauga Grand Event Centre.

The planning committee for the Trenchless Road Show comprises Dave Crowder, R.V. Anderson Associates Ltd., Chairman; Caroline Amyot, MTE Consulting; Mark Badger, Region of Holton; Jim Leppard, SRM Associates; John Spencer, R.V. Anderson; Frank Badinski, Regional Municipality of York; Kevin Bainbridge, City of Hamilton; Alice Seviora, CATT/University of Waterloo; Mark Knight, CATT/University of Waterloo; and Ashley Rammeloo, City of London.

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Trenchless Technology will be co-sponsoring the Trenchless Road Show with CATT. The call for papers has been issued requesting abstracts for the technical sessions. Please go to the Web at: to submit an abstract.