NovaForm™, a PVC-based structural liner from IPEX, allows municipalities to repair their failing infrastructure while respecting the environment. With NovaForm, capturing and treating contaminated curing liquid is a thing of the past. As an engineered thermoplastic, NovaForm is installed using steam, and the only job site discharge is water.

A Fully Structural Liner 

NovaForm combines long-term strength with flexibility – which allows it to handle some of the most challenging conditions. NovaForm may be suitable for installation depths of up to 30 feet according to the ASTM F1216 calculation for a fully deteriorated host pipe condition.

Inspection Made Easy 

Factory-made to stringent ASTM Standards, NovaForm leaves the facilities fully manufactured, with rigorous QA/QC procedures completed before shipping. This allows inspectors to verify the final properties of the liner before it is installed, rather than cut out coupons for post-installation testing as is required for CIPP. Jobsite inspection is simplified as once the liner is expanded its dimensions are similar to sewer or low-pressure PVC pipe – but with no joints.


Once NovaForm has been expanded and cooled, it is ready for service. Laterals can be quickly reinstated robotically, and the line can be placed back into service the same day – often only four or five hours from start to finish.


From corroded sanitary sewers to deteriorated corrugated steel pipes in need of structural repair, NovaForm™ PVC Liner is available in sizes 6″ to 30″.


NovaForm Liner offers many benefits including:

  • time savings 
  • less disruption to local businesses and traffic
  • potential cost savings


NovaForm™ PVC Liner is manufactured in strict accordance with the ASTM F1504 standard and is third-party certified by CSA and BNQ. These measures ensure a consistent final product for the contractor and the end-user.

About the IPEX Group of Companies  

As leading suppliers of thermoplastic piping systems, the IPEX Group of Companies provides our customers with some of the world’s largest and most comprehensive product lines. All IPEX products are backed by more than 50 years of experience. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across North America, we have established a reputation for product innovation, quality, end-user focus, and performance.

Markets served by IPEX group products are: 

  • Municipal pressure and gravity piping systems
  • Plumbing and mechanical piping systems  
  • Electrofusion systems for gas and water 
  • Industrial process piping systems 
  • Electrical systems 
  • Telecommunications and utility piping systems 
  • Irrigation systems 
  • Industrial, plumbing, and electrical cements 
  • PVC, CPVC, ABS, PE, PEX, PVCO, PP, and PVDF pipe and fittings (1/2” to 60”)

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